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01/2022–present Shibaura Institute of Technology
Research in the field of benchmarking machine learning models. The research semester includes a literature research and the preparation of a paper on the implementation of benchmarking methods for conventional neural networks.

10/2019–present Clausthal University of Technology
Business informatics (M.Sc.) with a focus on data mining, machine learning and signal processing. The master’s thesis on the evaluation of vehicle signals by Audi AG with statistical methods is being written at the Institute for Software and Systems Engineering.

09/2020–01/2021 Tallinn University of Technology
Semester abroad with a focus on machine learning and data analysis. Two of the most important subjects were data mining and computer vision, in which statistical methods of data analysis and the processing and recognition of images with neural networks were taught.

10/2015–02/2019 Ingolstadt Institute of Technology
International Retail Management (B.A.) with a focus on controlling, cost accounting and business intelligence in retail.

09/2017–12/2017 Nebrija University
Semester abroad in Madrid with a focus on international law and economics.

2005–2014 Graduation in A level

04/2021–present Student research assistant for artificial intelligence and machine learning
Literature research on and application of state-of-the-art neural networks for process optimization in mature oil fields under the direction of the Institute for Software and Systems Engineering at Clausthal University of Technology. The word also involves the presentation of interim results to the project stakeholders.

10/2019–04/2021 Student research assistant for IT Support and web development
Administration and creation of the Campus Management System of the Clausthal University of Technology. The full stack development of a web application for professors at the university with Angular was the core task of this position.

09/2018–09/2019 Intern store planning
Internship at Nike’s European headquarters in Hilversum with tasks in the areas of controlling and planning. Personal projects in process optimization and automation have persuaded me to start a master’s degree in business informatics.

03/2018–09/2018 Internship retail concepts · engineering & sourcing
Internship at the adidas headquarters in Herzogenaurach with projects in the areas of sustainability, finance and the procurement of furnishings. This is where I first came into contact with programming and the automation of processes.

04/2016–09/2016 Internship consultant sales and sales strategy
Internship at Tommy Hilfiger in Ingolstadt Village with tasks in sales of articles, inventory management and sales strategy.

Interests Nutrition, endurance and athletic sports.
Scientific publications, history, playing instruments, painting pictures.

Linguistic proficiency
German C2 (native language)
Croatian C2 (native language)
English C2 (daily use)
French B1 (7 years of French class and student exchange)
Spanish B1 (4 semesters of Spanish class and semester abroad)
Russian A1 (1 semester of Russian class)

Computer languages
Visual Basic

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